On Demand Water Heater Systems

Water heaters are pretty much one of the most needed appliances in any household. In spite of this need, there are actually many households that are not that satisfied with the water heaters that they have. In fact, more and more people are switching to what is known as an on demand water heater.water heater serviceSan Antonio Plumber

But what exactly is this new gadget that has a lot of people talking about? For starters, they are just like what is suggested by their name. These on demand water heaters actually heat water on demand, or when it is needed. The previous method actually entails the storage of water in a tank. But with on demand water heaters, a tank is no longer needed because you do not really have to store water in the first place.

This new system utilizes heating coils. These heating coils are actually installed right inside the water pipes. When the water passes through these pipes, the coils then heat water accordingly. So, all that is really needed is your water source, your coils, your pipes, water itself, and you are good to go!

The primary advantage here is that you really do not have to store water in a tank anymore. This previous method of storing water in tanks was once thought to be efficient. But with the advent of on demand water heaters, you can definitely say for sure that the previous method is not really as efficient as you once thought it to be. For starters, with the previous method, you actually need to fill the water tank right up to a particular level, to enable the heating process to start. Filling water up to that particular level can take time and will require a lot of pressure as well. And if that process does not take long enough, you also have to wait for the tank of water in its entirety to heat up at that appropriate temperature. Water tanks carry as much as a hundred gallons of water, so this process could take long as well! So, double the wait here does not really present quite an attractive option. This is precisely why more and more people are switching to on demand water heatersTankless Water Heaters San Antonio.

You just might be asking how an on demand water heater can heat water that fast. This is because the coils installed inside the water pipes become red hot once heat sets in. When water is then made to pass, it would then be heated very fast as well. There really is no need to wait around just to be able to take a comfortably hot bath anymore. More Information