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Because the life span of a tank heater averages about 10 years, homeowners must replace them at times. According to Jay Burch, a solar specialist at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory NREL, Running the electric water heater of a single family home for one year creates more emissions than driving an automobile 12,000 miles. The average American household spends 20 percent or more of its energy bill on hot water, and much of what’s paid for is heat lost through the thin walls of the storage tank in the basement or utility room. Water Heater Service San Antonio

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The neutralizer system features a condensation collector which captures the exhaust then sends it through a neutralizer to soften the water, reducing wear and tear on the pipe system. FREE INFO CIRCLE NO. The T H1 tankless water heater uses a preheating system and a built in neutralizer system. The preheating system uses dual heat exchangers that heat water in a two step process, delivering 10.5 gal min.
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Installing a solar water heater system will definitely reduce your monthly utility bills. A good quality solar system will produce free hot water for a long time and will not create pollution or global warming gases. You should plan on spending several thousand dollars to install a reasonable size solar water heater. The hot water output from solar water heaters is often specified by the manufacturers, so the dealers can help you determine the payback. The amount of savings depends upon many factors such as your local climate, utility rates, orientation exposure to the sun, and your family’s hot water usage patterns. There are other non financial factors to also consider. They are usually small companies that rely on word of mouth for new business. This will allow clean fuels, such as natural gas, to be used for other critical purposes and will extend their supply.

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Should I turn the heater off while I wait for the plumber . Hard water deposits and minerals are found in most municipal water systems and are especially troublesome in well water systems. I have heard of water heaters exploding. My water heater is making loud popping sounds and pinging noises. One way to check for hard water is to remove one of the filtering screens from a sink faucet and simply look for the small, sandlike granules. It is not likely that a modern water heater will explode. In areas with hard water, a water softener is recommended to remove calcium and lime deposits before the water enters the home’s water pipes and fixtures. However, if it makes you feel safer, go ahead and shut the heater off. All water heaters and boilers must have a T&P; temperature and pressure relief valve that will safely vent any built up pressures or superheated water to keep the tank from expanding and exploding. As these minerals heat up, they release gases that percolate through the deposits, lifting and shifting the minerals and making strange sounds.

San Antonio Chambliss Plumbing, based in in the river city Tx, has been in business for 16 years. He says savings on natural gas by using the user friendly Kemco heater. The company had been using a boiler to heat its water, but with the rise in natural gas prices, this system was not energy efficient. With it, water temperature remains a consistent 185 degrees F, according to Anderson. Eric Anderson, part owner of the firm, decided to switch to Kemco’s 99.7 guaranteed, two million Btu Therm efficient TE100 direct contact water heater. For more details, visit our main website

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