Water Purification Systems San Antonio

Our multi-stage Water Purification Systems are perfect for households looking to improve the taste of their water. Our systems also remove all bacteria and nasty impurities, making your home’s water safe to drink and use.

We can help customize our products to fit your specific requirements, whether you live in a smaller apartment or a larger property.

All of our Water Purification Systems feature a range of benefits, including:


  •  Appearance. The 22 gauge stainless steel cover doesn’t just last, it also looks the part.
  • Condensation eliminated. Using an atmospheric break, the tank is insulated to prevent condensation.
  • Strength. Our systems can withstand working pressures of 120 psi.
  • No-maintenance operation. Our multi-stage refiners do the job without you having to lift a finger. The high-density inner shell prevents leaks.

Ease of Use

  • Know how much you use. Our system allows you to track how much water you use.
  • Efficient motor that only runs during the regeneration process.
  • No gears that are breakable!
  • Electronic display that includes a backlight for easy operation.
  • Automatic calculations. Usage, capacity, and volume are things you won’t have to worry about.


  • 8-cycle regeneration that ensures a thorough refinement process.
  • 4-directional cleansing for full efficiency.
  • 24-volt power, economical and cheap.
  • The cover glass is reinforced with Noryl®, giving rugged strength to the chassis.
  • Full pressure and flow is enabled by full one-inch porting and manifold.
  • All pistons are coated with Teflon®.

Hyperion Elite

We’re very proud of our Hyperion Elite models.

They’re state-of-the-art when it comes to multi-stage refinement, offering a 5-stage process controlled by our unique electronic digital control valve. Compared to other similar systems available on the market today, our Hyperion Elite system uses approximately 50% less salt.

Our tanks are built to offer huge capacity, overflow prevention, and an FDA-approved construction.

The Hyperion Elite also features:

  • Granulated Activated Carbon. Cities use chlorine and chloramines to ensure the removal of bacteria. However, it’s not something you want in your drinking water. Our system removes this, improving taste and eradicating foul odors. Not only that, removing these chemicals lengthens the life of copper pipes, stops, and fixtures.
  • Hard to Soft. Our process removes all hardness in the water. We use a high-capacity commercial grade resin to ensure an effective and efficient process.
  • Filtration. Hyperion elite uses high quality aluminum silicate filters to deliver water at 20 micron range. Solids are removed from the water through the filtration process, giving you clean and tasty water for the entire household.
  • Neutralization. It’s important to adjust the pH of acidic incoming water to 0.3. Our synthetic zeolite achieves this consistently and reliably.
  • Clarification. We use a silica/quartz base to ensure water is polished to a level of sparkle you’ve never seen before!


Our Hyperion Elite model is structurally almost identical to our standard model, except it offers a 3 tank system. The same benefits apply!

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