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There are a whole host of issues that can occur with the plumbing system in a house, whether you’re renting or you own the house. Catching an issue early can save you money on extensive damages before they get worse, and the headaches that plumbing-related problems can cause. Our plumbing company has seen it all. Here are our top things to look out for and be aware of when it comes to general plumbing maintenance. If you find any of these issues start occurring, you may need to call in a professional to solve the problem for good and bring you back up to speed with ongoing plumbing maintenance.Plumbing services

Any visible water leakage in the house or outside

To keep up proper plumbing maintenance, make it a habit to monitor for any visible leakages from toilets, sinks, shower and tubs, and outdoor pipes. If you find leakages are occurring, there may be weakened, corroded, or otherwise damaged pipes, which are likely to become a bigger problem down the road. Drips and leaks can also increase the cost of your water bills. If the leakage is enough to be clearly visible, a plumber will be needed to sort out the problem before it can cause damage to your house.

Lack of or decreasing water pressure

A decrease in water pressure can indicate potential damage in your plumbing system and can mean the need for a professional. You can check the water pressure yourself, but if it begins to fluctuate or disappear, you may require additional help to solve the issue once and for all. More on this website

Higher water bills than usual

While it may seem innocuous, higher water bills can indicate a leak somewhere that you’re not aware of, and if it’s not clearly visible, you may need a professional’s help in finding the source of the leak. Thorough general plumbing maintenance can keep the water bills down as less water will be wasted.

Corrosion or rusting on pipes, fixtures, and water systems

Any visible corrosion or rusting throughout your plumbing system may indicate that a leak or burst pipe is imminent, as the weakened materials may no longer be able to run water consistently through them. This may mean a localized repair of one section of the piping, or a repair of the system, both of which require an expert’s hand for a clean and lasting fix.

Proper Drainage

Good plumbing maintenance includes monitoring the drains in your households, including sinks, tubs and showers, and toilets. If they don’t drain or flush properly or are slow to drain, there may be a blockage somewhere in your plumbing system, which will only get worse the longer you leave it. Overly smelly drains may also be an indicator of blocked pipes. In some cases, you can manage the blockage yourself but to ensure the problem is resolved the first time, our team can help with all your general plumbing maintenance and repairs.

Watercolor and Taste
Water should always be running out of the tap clear and consistently. If the color ever appears otherwise, like rusty or brown or similar in color, something is wrong in your plumbing system. If it tastes different, maybe tasting overly of minerals or chemicals, that’s also an additional sign that something is wrong. As these two issues can be potentially hazardous to your health, a professional plumber should be contacted for the proper plumbing maintenance, and to ensure you have a healthy household.

Our main priority is our customers which is why we are happy to help with all your plumbing maintenance and inquiries. We also offer 24/7 emergency services so if you are in need of reliable plumbers, give us a call today.

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